Play Craft Learn with your Kids – Activity 3 – Ecosystems

Play Craft Learn with your Kids – Activity 3 – Ecosystems

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Extinction! Safari | Minecraft: Education Edition


Guiding Ideas

This project was developed in partnership with World Wildlife Fund. Explore an exciting new Minecraft world created by Naturebytes as well as three new lessons designed to help you teach about biodiversity and its importance to our planet’s past and future.

Student Learning Objectives

  • How does a species become extinct?
  • What are the major influences on species extinction?
  • What are the characteristics of species that have gone extinct?
  • How does the current rate of extinction compare to the past?
  • What can we learn from past extinction and how does this relate to our world now and in the future?


Teacher Learning Objectives

  • Participants will gain a hands-on experience with Minecraft. Participants learn how to use Minecraft worlds, controls, and settings to create an optimal setting for teaching students.
  • Learn to launch and log in, understand the settings
  • Play the game: move around, place and destroy blocks
  • Complete individual build challenge


In this workshop, participants are introduced to the basics of Minecraft: Education Edition and start exploring the in-game features to understand and experience game settings, movement, placing and breaking blocks prior to using Minecraft: Education Edition with their students.


Please ensure to have Minecraft Education Edition Downloaded on your device:

Download Minecraft Education Edition here:

Minecraft Learn to Play: Placing First Blocks: