Play Craft Learn with your Kids – Activity 2 – Mission to Mars

Play Craft Learn with your Kids – Activity 2 – Mission to Mars

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Teacher Learning Objectives

  • Participants will gain a hands-on experience with Minecraft. Participants learn how to use Minecraft worlds, controls, and settings to create an optimal setting for teaching students.
  • Learn to launch and log in, understand the settings
  • Play the game: move around, place and destroy blocks

Student Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to survive on Mars and what dangers one would face.
  • Understand how to create a sustainable colony on Mars.
  • Learn to work collaboratively with 5-6 students to complete a variety of tasks.
  • Use critical thinking to decide how to allocate limited resources to build a colony capable of responding to potential challenges and setbacks.

Please ensure to have Minecraft Education Edition Downloaded on your device:

Download Minecraft Education Edition here:

Minecraft Learn to Play: Placing First Blocks:

Essential Question:

How do I get started learning to use and understand Minecraft: Education Edition?