Minecraft Learn to Play: Classroom Build Challenges

Minecraft Learn to Play: Classroom Build Challenges

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In this course, we will explore how Minecraft: Education Edition supports teaching and learning through an interface that engages students’ creativity and strengthens 21st century skills with easy-to-implement activities for the classroom.

Essential Question:  How might students acquire 21st century skills and enhance content knowledge through the use of Classroom Build Challenges?   

Course Objectives: 

  • Participants will learn how to bring student creativity to the classroom by using the Classroom Build Challenge.
  • Participants will experience building and creating in Minecraft: Education Edition to meet a learning goal and complete a challenge task.
  • Participants will reflect on learning goals connected to Minecraft: Education Edition.
  • Participants will successfully complete a quiz at the conclusion of the course.

Course Vocabulary:

Classroom Build Challenge– A scenario with a pre-determined goal or task that involves creating or building within Minecraft: Education Edition

Library– Where all Classroom Build Challenges can be found, located within the Minecraft: Education Edition game or on the website

Course Structure:

In order to gain the skills necessary to learn Minecraft: Education Edition, it is recommended that you log in to Minecraft: Education Edition on your own device. Use the following videos, PDF of the written steps and the tutorial worlds to guide you as you work within the Minecraft: Education Edition platform on your device.

Learn: This section will discuss what the next step of learning is about and the why. There may be a reflection section that will have you pause to think about a particular question as it relates to  your learning.

Watch: Use the videos as a tool for learning to follow along with the presenter on your device.

Do: Practice your skills.

Pause & Do: Review your new learning and practice your skills.

Reflect: Activate and deepen your understanding of the learning presented within the course.