Minecraft: Education Edition Teacher Academy

Minecraft: Education Edition Teacher Academy

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Minecraft: Education Edition Teacher Academy is a series of three sections and eleven courses which focus on the use of Minecraft: Education Edition as a teaching and learning tool designed to support strong pedagogical practices in the learning environment. The courses are divided into three sections of topics intended for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. At the end of this Learning Path, you will become a Minecraft Certified Teacher and receive the badge.

Path participants will learn:

  • Basic mechanics of downloading, setting up and logging into Minecraft: Education Edition.
  • In-game play by exploring movement within the game as well as learning the process for placing and breaking blocks
  • In-game features to use as tools for assessment and feedback
  • The process of creating build challenges utilizing game-based strategies
  • Key features of World Management and Classroom Settings
  • Tips on classroom management and readiness
  • An understanding of basic in-game coding
  • Skills that allow for learner collaboration, creativity, and communication
  • How to incorporate engineering practices
  • Chemistry and Science in-game functionality
  • How the game supports learner inquiry and curiosity

Supports participant learning styles

  • Experience a mixture of course activities- read articles, view video clips, guided steps and tutorials
  • Capture thoughts, reflections, and work in a Course Notes document
  • Notes can be handwritten, digital, or on any other preferred platform
  • Share reflections on social media under course hashtags
  • Measure progress through reflections and quizzes

Course structure inside Minecraft: Education Edition Teacher Academy

In order to gain the skills necessary to learn Minecraft: Education Edition, it is recommended that you log in to Minecraft: Education Edition on your own device. Use the following videos, PDF of the written steps and the tutorial worlds to guide you as you work within the Minecraft: Education Edition platform on your device.

  • Learn: This section will discuss what the next step of learning is about and the why. There may be a reflection section that will have you pause to think about a particular question as it relates to  your learning.  
  • Read: Build your knowledge.
  • Watch: Use the videos as a tool for learning to follow along with the presenter on your device.
  • Do: Practice your skills.
  • Pause and do: Review your new learning and practice your skills.
  • Reflect: Activate and deepen your understanding of the learning presented within the course.
  • Quiz: Check your understanding by completing a quiz at the end of each course.