Minecraft apply and enrich: Redstone engineering

Minecraft apply and enrich: Redstone engineering

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In this course, participants are introduced to the basics of redstone as way to connect to engineering practices that students are using in Minecraft. Participants will start exploring redstone and examples of its use in the classroom and will have the opportunity to practice with an in-game tutorial.

Essential question

What is redstone?

Course objectives

  • Participants learn the basics of redstone in Minecraft: Education Edition.
  • Participants learn how redstone can be used in a lesson in Minecraft: Education Edition.
  • Participants explore an in-game redstone tutorial.
  • Participants will successfully complete the quiz at the conclusion of the course.

Course vocabulary

  • Redstone – Redstone is an ore you will find down at the bottom of your mines. When you mine it, you will get redstone dust, which is what you will need to make redstone circuits.
  • Redstone dust – Redstone dust acts like a wire to transmit a signal from a power source to another redstone item. It can run up and downhill without breaking a connection.
  • Power source – These are the things that provide redstone power. They include switches, redstone torches, and the like.
  • Redstone wire – Redstone wire is used to transmit power from place to place, just like electrical wire.
  • Transmit – To communicate information from one block to a device or mechanism.
  • Mechanism – Complex systems of blocks used to perform certain tasks. Mechanisms can range from simple switches that open and close doors from a safe distance, to complex devices such as combination locks that prevent intruders from entering your fort.
  • Device – This is a term we use to describe anything that does something when switched on by redstone. For example, a light will light up, a door will open, or TNT will blow up.

Course structure

In order to gain the skills necessary to learn Minecraft: Education Edition, it is recommended that you log in to Minecraft: Education Edition on your own device. Follow the written steps to guide you as you install, set up, and work within the Minecraft: Education Edition platform on your device.

Watch: Use the video as a tool for learning.

Watch and do: Use the videos as a tool for learning to follow along with the presenter on your device.

Read and do: Use the PDF document and follow along with the steps on your device.

Apply: Practice new skills presented in the course.

Read:  Read to build your knowledge.

Reflect: Activate and deepen your understanding of the learning presented within the course.