Cue STEAM Pack + Curriculum

Cue STEAM Pack + Curriculum

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Bridge coding and robotics with the power of visual expression. Designed for grades 6–8, this bundle combines 6 Cue robots, harnesses, dry erase markers, whiteboard mats, and project cards that will inspire your students to imagine, code, and display original works of robot-drawn art in your classroom.



This pack includes:

  • 6 Cue robots, onyx color

  • 6 Sketch Kits

  • 1 whiteboard sketch mat

  • 1 whiteboard eraser

  • 6 marker refill kits

  • 6 Cue Unit 1 (Creative Writing) Notebooks

  • 6 Cue Unit 2 (Game Design) Notebooks

  • 6 Cue Unit 3 (Innovation) Notebooks

  • 1 Cue Applied Robotics Curriculum Guide

  • 1 – Educator access to our Cue Everything Curriculum Bundle lessons (1 year)

Downloadable lesson plans and Curriculum Guide can be found here.

For a list of compatible devices - click here